CXC Annual Membership

2018 Season Membership

Pay £20 for each of your cross country schooling sessions instead of £25 by becomming a CXC 2018 season member. Membership costs £30. A member can ride as many of their own horses for the reduced rate but cannot book at the membership rate for a non-member. Non-members pay the usual rate of £25. For full details click on 'Membership' on the drop-down menu under 'Cross-Country'.

About CXC

Set on our 300 acre farm, Comphurst Cross Country is a professionally built cross country training facility with over 200 jumps including ditches, skinnies, banks, steps, combinations, trakheners, etc, and a fantastic water complex. We offer regular clinics with BE and International trainers, as well as excellent rates for PC/RC, and hire of the facilities to individuals, whether you are a 4* rider preparing for Badminton or friends want a fun day out with your horses.

See our gallery for photos or visit our FB page. Details of upcoming clinics are on this website.

****New for 2018****

We have built many new jumps at different heights, adding more technical questions at 70/80 and also at 100/105/1.10+, as well as straight forward fences at all levels.

****New for Summer 2018****

FEI Championship show jumping course on grass. We have sown another field with special horse arena grass and will be resiting our xc jumps across all three fields, as well as setting up a show jumping grass area with our fantastic new jumps and adding grass dressage arenas. Watch for progress on FB and our website and glance over at the field to the left of the water as you ride past.

Booking the Cross Country

To book the cross country click on the 'Cross Country' tab and then 'Bookings' and follow the process through. Please ensure that you are trying to book on a day that is current or in the future, rather than a day that has passed (you will be told 'Course closed' if you try to book for a day that has already passed).